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Save The Rohingya

“The word 'hopeless' doesn't do justice to describing the situation. We've called it hopeless for so long, and now it's much worse than ever. But, even though the people are obviously starving, they still smile and welcome me into their lives. I guess some things never change. That's why we're in the right place.”- from a relief team member in Rakhine State, Myanmar/Burma

Help provide life-saving food, medicine and shelter and bring hope to some of the most friendless people on earth.

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The Rohingya Need Your Help

The Rohingya people are desperately in need. In May 2012, sectarian violence broke out in Rakhine State between the Buddhist Rakhine people and the predominately Muslim Rohingya. Around 140,000 people remain displaced in and around Sittwe and Maungdaw by the violence. These people urgently need FOOD, SHELTER, MEDICINE & PROTECTION.

Over the last 3 years, the repression of the Rohingya has also caused more than 120,000 to board ships to flee Myanmar in the hope of finding a better life. Instead, they often fall into the hands of human traffickers. The situation is constantly evolving, though it is believed over 3,000 Rohingya remain stranded on boats in the Andaman Sea.

Since 2012, Partners has been providing emergency relief to those in camps near Sittwe, including rice distribution, basic medical support, tarps for shelter as well as animals, seeds and fertilizer to help establish more sustainable food supply. We are also working to locate stranded boats and provide basic supplies like food, water and medicine. PLEASE HELP provide continuing life-saving care to these vulnerable children and families by following the steps below.

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Help save the Rohingya by following these 3 steps.

Already assisting over 25,000 people.

As well as providing critical relief items such as food and shelter, our team is always focused on the long-term, looking for sustainable solutions to move beyond handouts and empower the people themselves to be part of the solution. When you support this relief effort, you’re also investing into these sustainable initiatives, such animal husbandry and vegetable farming. Here is just some of the impact generous supporters have had so far in 2015.

rice icon

221,900kgRice Delivered

Rice to provide for the immediate needs of those with limited or no access to any food supplies.

shelter icon

135Families Given Land

Secured rental of community land and farming supplies to improve their food security.

vegetable icon

2,593kg Vegetables Provided

Vegetables to improve nutrition as well as supplies of chili and oil for cooking.

well icon

12Wells Installed

Fresh water for struggling communities along with 18 toilets to increase sanitation.

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